• Event Management

    So you want to plan an event or maybe you’ve hosted one before and this time you want to do things differently. Probably there is no plan of action yet but just an idea at the back your head! Good, that’s just what we need to get the ball rolling. Our team will help you conceptualize your idea from build-up to break-down.

  • Event Solutions

    We have a flexible approach in that you only pay for what you need. You can use our complete services or part thereof to dovetail with your own resources.

  • Event Staffing

    Your business is as good as the team behind its operations. Putting that team of skilled individuals together or simply replacing a colleague is a daunting task with costly repercussions. We guarantee to source you the best in your industry at minimal CTC whether its junior, semi, special skilled positions.

  • Recruitment

    Our friendly, jovial & cheerful staff are trained and possess the best event and business etiquettes. They’ll make sure to carry out any task given to them timely whilst enhancing your image. We take pride in them.

Promotions, Recruitment, Event Solutions. You’ll SPOT THE DIFFERENCE.


    We do In-store Activations, Pamphlet Distributions, Brand Ambassadors, Product Launches, Stock-taking, Surveys, Golf Days, Extras (Movies, Music Videos, Soapies & Adverts)…


    You may apply from entry level positions, temporary jobs, internships, Data Capturing, Drivers, Clerks and much more jobs within your area of expertise. We will be glad to assist…


    Solutions ranging from Marketing, Branding, RSVP Management, Pre-Onsite Registrations, Venue Management, Ticketing, Lanyard & Badge Printing, Freight-forwarding, VIP Protection, IT Services etc. Contact us for more information…